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Well, hello there! 

My name is Sara and lazy social media marketing drives me NUTS!

I have to be perfectly honest here.  I loathe lazy social media marketing.  As a former REALTOR®, it drove me crazy to see my fellow agents and brokers sharing posts from a third party on their social media pages.  These posts did NOTHING to build a loyal following. The worst thing about so many of these posts is that they would direct followers/fans AWAY from the agent's social media pages and websites! 


I guess I'll start with my "why" before I dive into the "who" and "where."

In April 2019, I made it my mission to help my fellow agents create social media posts and marketing materials that ENGAGE, EDUCATE, AND ENCOURAGE their fans, followers, prospects, and clients to interact with THEIR social media pages, blogs, and websites.

Fast forward to today (February 25th, 2020) and I am blessed to have a client list that includes some of the top real estate brokers in the nation!  From a dabbling designer to a full-fledged creative who has designed a national magazine and marketing materials for some of the top real estate brokers in the nation, as well as marketing campaigns for small town brokers with two employees, I love working with clients with a variety of needs!

My aim is to help real estate agents and brokers with their social media and general marketing by making it simple and easy.  If it's simple and easy, you will be consistent with making sure it gets done.  And as we all know, consistency is the key to success in virtually all areas of your life — health, wealth, relationships, and building your business.

Sara Smith, Owner of Riversmith Media

The Who...

My name is Sara Smith  and up until July 2019, I was a licensed real estate agent and member of the NAR and two local board of REALTORS®. 

I am also a total geek when it comes to graphic design, marketing practices, sales psychology, and all things creative.


The Where: Eat Your Heart, Everyone Who Doesn't Live Where I Do

You read that right!  I am beyond blessed to live in northern Minnesota on the famous Rainy Lake — an international border waters area that boasts the best walleye fishing, a national park gem, low crowds, and zero chaos.  And I am not afraid to boast about it!

Our summers are perfectly mild.  Our winters aren't that bad.  Spring is always right on time.  And the autumn weather in my neck of the woods is downright delicious!

I was born and raised in International Falls, Minnesota and this is where I chose to come back to when I started my family.  Reliable internet and a first-class airport has made it possible for me to live in my Shang-ri-la while working with folks from all over the United States!

Snowshoeing on Rainy Lake in northern Minnesota.

Snowshoeing with my youngest on Rainy Lake in northern Minnesota.  Winter in northern Minnesota has just as many outdoor pursuits and adventure opportunities as the warm summer weather.


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