Case studies and reviews...

We are SO PROUD of everyone who has trusted us to help them build a career around their books and business ideas.  

The following are just a few of the success stories that make us giggle with glee...


Sage is now part of the Riversmith Media team and is our resident social media expert.  She came to us to help her establish new routes of commerce and develop a career plan that helped her bring her expertise to small business owners.  Through working with Sage, we discovered we needed her experience just as much as she needed ours.  So proud of you, Sage!  

Karene, Karly, Ria, and Donelly

Karene, Karly, Ria, and Donelly are the mother-daughters tforce who are currently building their mini-media empire one book, one blog, one video at a time.  They exude teamwork, respect, and integrity in everything they do.  It has been a pleasure to watch these lovely ladies grow into the magnates they are destined to be.

Jill and Jane

These two anonymous clients were an absolute blast to work with on their unique endeavor:  Their enthusiasm was infectious and their willingness to put 110% into everything that was needed was incredible and very noteworthy.  Due to the nature of their website, their true identities are being kept strictly confidential.  Don't even bother trying to get their identities out of us either.  :)  


Shannon came to us with a concept.  She is a top-producing realtor and co-broker in her small town and wanted to share her unique knowledge of what it takes to sell real estate in small towns and be a success.  Together, we helped her develop this concept into a profitable website with e-books and video courses she sells utilizing our proven sales methods.  Not only does she continue to be a success on the streets, she has tripled her real estate income with the sales she gets from her website.  She is a true innovator. 

Ben and Aidan

This review and case study comes with one caveat: these are the two sons of Riversmith Media founder, Sara Smith.  Yes, they get in-house guidance and mentoring, but what they have accomplished ON THEIR OWN and at their tender young ages is quite astounding.  

Michael and Casey

This young couple came to Riversmith Media with hopes of sharing their experiences with others.  Married young, these two exceptional people who were determined to buck the statistics and become successful despite what is typically expected of two people in their shoes.  They are sure to bring tears to your eyes and hope to your soul.  Their movement and missionshould be celebrated.

Mary Jane

For being so young, Mary Jane (aka "MJ") has the wisdom of someone four times her age.  Life wasn't always easy for her: physical and mental abuse, extreme invasion of privacy, depression, drug use, and lack of motivation kept her stalled for years.  She was aimless, going nowhere, and wanted to end it all.  She was at her wit's end, to put it mildly.  During a conversation with her therapist, she came to the realization, that she was finally at a place in her life where she could help others in the same situation as her.  Riversmith Media was honored to help MJ bring her inspirational words to the world.

Gina and Patrick

There is nothing that can prepare a mother for the word, "syndrome."  The moment Gina heard those words spoken by her doctor, she set out to understand everything there is to know about Williams Syndrome.  Her son, Patrick, was diagnosed with it at 18-months of age.  With little information available, Gina found herself trying to piece together a puzzle she knew could be found.  After almost 14 years, Gina decided to bring her knowledge of Williams Syndrome to anyone new to this disorder.  She wanted nothing more than to create a sense of support and community for parents who are living the same things she and her family are.  We were overjoyed when asked to help her put together all of the mysterious puzzle pieces that Williams Syndrome is.

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