Author Strategies...

The main purpose and goal behind our author strategy service is to keep you motivated and inspired as you work toward your goal of creating a business and brand around your published works.

During our 55 minute strategy sessions, we will discuss everything from finding inspiration and motivation (when you have none) to the importance of author branding, platform building, tools every writer should have in their toolbox, marketing, self-editing, and SO much more!

Together, we will brainstorm marketable book ideas, clarify WHO you are as a writer, and focus on proven ways to reach your goals.  And, we will you hold you accountable.  Period.

We will answer all of your questions and get to the bottom of any issues you are facing as a writer.  As part of our mission at Riversmith Media, we are passionate about helping fellow writers become confident in their skills while developing their love for writing -- all while building a profitable business around their dreams.

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