Sara Smith

A lifelong storyteller and design "addict", I have owned and operated several businesses before following my heart's burning desire to create Riversmith Media.  I originally created my company as a means to independently publish my own works of fiction, lifestyle and niche blogs, and a host of other business ventures.

Recently, however, I decided to take Riversmith Media in yet another direction.

Writing and creating is something I have been doing since I learned how to read, write, and color with crayons.  It was something I was born to do.  As I grew older and my inner desire to create grew stronger, I knew I could no longer write and create for just myself and my family.  So, I dug deep into the inner workings of book publishing.  Through that research, I realized traditional publishing was definitely not for me.  My personality does not allow me to be put in a "box."

Fortunately, around this time I learned about CreateSpace by Amazon and the many, many benefits of indie publishing.

I also stumbled on a blog by Nina Amir about how to blog a book.  Basically, it was a blog about how to self-publish your own works through your own blog or website.  I was hooked!  

Thanks to CreateSpace and Nina Amir, I am now the proud owner of a ridiculous amount of domain names, owner/operator of close to 25 lifestyle and niche websites (thank you, ADD!), owner/operator of 4 e-commerce stores, and the author of several print books and e-books.

IT IS MY MISSION to help inspire others, the way Nina did for me, to realize their dream of being a writer.  Anyone, anywhere can publish their words.  It doesn't take a fancy degree, special training, or connections in the industry.  If you can turn on a computer and type, you CAN be a writer!

IT IS MY MISSION to let others know they do not need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to a "vanity" publisher when they can publish their own works on their own websites or blogs for free...OR publish through a variety of other companies such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and a host of other e-book retailers.

IT IS MY MISSION to fan the flames of creativity in those who are stuck or not sure which direction to go.

IT IS MY MISSION to make sure anyone who wants to be a writer, be a writer!

With that, I have assembled the BEST team to help me with my mission.  Like I said, I am not a professional.  I do not hold a degree in literature, creative writing, or even sales.  What I lack in framed paper, hanging on my wall, I make up for in my ability to market (like I said, I own 4 very successful e-commerce businesses), create, inspire, brainstorm, consult, and coach.

My team, however, are highly educated individuals with training and experience in all avenues of writing, publishing, web design, editing, proofing, and more.  I could not do this without them and ever so grateful for their experience.  They all own thriving businesses, have happy families, and hold the ability to balance work, life, and family.

Please check out their profiles to learn more about the incredible Riversmith Media team.

Thank you!!!

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