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white glove collaboration service

Our White Glove Collaboration Service is the "cream of the crop" when it comes to writer coaching, training, and consulting services.

consider us your "assistant" in your project!

This in-depth collaboration service includes a full author branding kit (premium author website, branded social media graphics, and professional marketing materials), book cover design, focused story mapping, idea generation, brainstorming, content curation, and constant inspiration.  

Your personal writing coach will assist you in defining your project and offer a very clear and concise writing plan, schedule, and action steps.  A weekly conference call will keep you and your writing on track to complete and achieve your project goals.  Your professional writing coach will brainstorm ideas and offer advice on the marketability of your book and will assist you in writing, editing, and proofreading your work.

Once your book has been spit-polished and shined, Riversmith Media will assist you in getting your book "off the ground" with a social media blast.  We will show you how to take full advantage of the powers social media.  And, we will cover all the marketing and promotional bases with you.

Once your book has been independently published, we will focus on everything you can do to begin building your career as an author.  We will provide you with your personalized career plan -- includes future book projects, speaking engagements, merchandising, and more!

As a bonus, you will also get our popular Writer's Block Box mailed to you once per month for the duration of your package!  This "mysterious" little box will contain unique items that inspire your imagination and keep your creative juices flowing.

To ensure the highest quality service to our clients, we have to limit the number of these packages.  Reserve your place with us today! 

Three Month White Glove Collaboration Service

$ 6997.00 USD

This service includes all premium and upgraded services listed on our Services Page.  Consider us your assistant for three whole months!


Six Month White Glove Collaboration Service

$ 12997.00 USD

We can get a lot done in six whole months!  Take advantage of our expertise and plow through your project with ease and inspiration.


One Year White Glove Collaboration

$ 24997.00 USD

For one entire year, we are dedicated to helping you attain your ultimate goal of writing, publishing, and marketing your book.


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