These packages are COMPLETE packages that are MORE than lip-service, how-to guides, and fluff offered by others.

All of our packages include tangible products (websites, graphics, marketing materials), on-demand products (training videos), and one-on-one services (coaching, consultation, mentoring, and training).  Where else can you find this level of value and quality of service?

Check out our packages below or check out OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU -- then come back to select your package.  

We are positive you will love your experience with Riversmith Media!

Four Week Collaboration Package

$ 3997.00 USD

Our four-week collaboration package includes ALL six of our premium services: author branding, social media management, graphic design training, editing and proofreading, author career plan, and four 55-minute strategy sessions (number of sessions is based on the duration of your package). 


Six Week Collaboration Package

$ 5997 USD

This six-week collaboration package includes ALL of our premium services with TWO extra weeks of strategy sessions.  We can get a lot wrapped up in an extra two weeks of coaching.


Eight Week Collaboration Package

$ 6997 USD

Get an entire four weeks of coaching and strategy above and beyond the four-week package.  The first four weeks is pretty intense with the training and set-up of accounts.  With this package, you can relax a little more KNOWING you will have more time to work it out with us in your corner.


Ten Week Collaboration Package

$ 8997 USD

Ten weeks of our full support!  This is our most popular package, by far!  That's four weeks of training and sales support.  Followed by six weeks of complete writing and business support.  This is a fantastic value that saves you an entire $600 per week you will save with this package.


Twelve Week Collaboration Package

$ 9997 USD

Roughly 2-1/2 months of total support are found with this valuable collaboration package.  If you thought six weeks would be enough, just imagine what you can accomplish in twelve!


Twenty-four Week Collaboration Package

$ 18997 USD

Almost six full months of support, coaching, mentoring, and more are YOURS with this package.  Again, you will receive ALL of the training you need to build your business and author brand PLUS months and months of support to keep you going.  This package is for the author with the BIG plans.


Forty-eight Week Collaboration Package

$ 35997 USD

Holy smokes!  Almost one FULL YEAR of top-notch service and support comes with this package.  There isn't a "bug" we can't work out with this one, folks.  Consider us your "assistant" with this package!  The price on this package is HALF the weekly price of the base, four-week package.  Sign up today as we have a limited amount of collaboration slots available. 


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