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The "DIY" approach may not be for everyone.  It can take years and years to try and put that puzzle together and make it a success.  We should know.  We've done it.

If you are tired of trying to figure out WHAT you need to do to turn your life around and start living your dream, look no further.  We have you covered!   

All of our collaboration packages INCLUDE:
  • Premium Author and Business Branding Kit (author/business website, professionally printed marketing materials, branded social media graphics, and training so you can continue building your brand long after our collaboration has wrapped up)
  • Social media marketing and management set-up and training
  • Graphic design training for the novice (anybody can do this)
  • Author and business coaching (we will keep you on track, moving along, and motivated with our weekly strategy sessions)
  • Unique career plan created specifically for YOU and YOUR ideas, books, and concepts
  • Editing and proofreading service (pre-publishing stage)
Read more about each individual service below...

The following two products are fun extras you can add onto your collaboration package OR purchase separately.

Writer's Block Box

These invaluable kits contain inspiring items and trinkets to help you overcome that dreaded writer's block.  Inside the box, you will find one mystery item, instructions, and writing prompts related to the mystery item.  Plus, a Writer's Block scented candle, room spray, or bath bomb.  All mystery items are unique and usually vintage and antique.  The premium Writer's Block Box contains higher end mystery items.  Available in several quantities.  All prices include shipping.

$29/One Basic Box      $59/One Premium Box

$169/Six Basic Boxes     $349/Six Premium Boxes

$299/Twelve Basic Boxes     $599/Twelve Premium Boxes

The first box ordered is shipped via first class USPS within 3-5 days of order.  All subsequent boxes are shipped via first class USPS on the first day of each subsequentmonth.

Writer's Inspiration Kit and Resource Map

This unique writer's kit includes an original, hand illustrated map of an imaginary town, village, or world for reference purposes.  Plus, a primary character list with short descriptions, bios, & backstories, ideas for events, plots, and more organized into our From the Ground Up creative writing journal.  All writer's kits include unique names for primary characters, places, events, or products.

$499 for the above with a basic hand-illustrated map

$699 for the above with a highly detailed, hand-illustrated map -- suitable for framing as wall art. 

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