Sara M. Smith

I am the founder of Riversmith Media, Online Publishing Checklist, and the proud owner of a ridiculous amount of domain names, owner/operator of over 18 lifestyle and niche websites (thank you, ADD!), owner/operator of 4 e-commerce stores, and the independent author of several print books and e-books.

After years of creating my own published works and businesses, I found myself having a burning desire to help others achieve their dreams of being a published author and online business owner, too.  I started helping friends and family fine-tune their ideas and before I knew it, an entire new venture was born!

Riversmith Media and Online Publishing Checklist is ALL ABOUT helping others create a business around their published works -- and be a success at the same time.

Sage Johnson

Sage is our social media expert, guru, wise-old-owl.  You get the picture.  Prior to mastering social media and its inner workings, she was a roving reporter for several print publications. Sage's 25 year + background in sales and communications at the executive level, technical writing, editing, and the language arts make her an invaluable resource for everyone at Riversmith Media.

When she isn't writing and social media-ing, Sage can be found spending quality time with family and friends on her beloved Rainy Lake or traveling.

Ted Saxton

Ted is our tech guy.  There isn't anything about technology, computers, websites, and the internet he doesn't know.  Like everyone on the team, Ted is an independent business owner with a very strong focus on customer service and bringing knowledge to his customers and clients.

As the owner of Small Town Tech in International Falls, Ted has solutions for any problem!

Kris Morgan

Kris is our resident book-aholic.  She has a serious addiction for reading (there are worse things, we assume).  Kris is a leader in editing and proofreading and has assisted countless indie authors with editing and proofreading their books, blogs, and websites.  Kris is priceless and we wouldn't know what to do without her!

(This picture is not Abby.  She's getting her professional headshot to us soon.)


Abigail is the young'n here at Riversmith Media at just 23 years old.  Don't let her age fool you!  She is one of the most adept graphic designers who has her finger on the pulse of what her generation likes.  She has a knack for understanding what our clients want for their author brand and is tuned in to the trends of today.

Of course, she is also a social media expert!  What 23 year old isn't?  Abby also takes care of our office needs and is available to help you navigate through our collaboration packages and offerings.   

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